“I know I’ve found it”

Lights out, trail blades the unsaid
Silently ricochets, don’t mean what we’re sayin’
But it hurts like we do
The blind faith, the hollow
Keep us aligned, they make us crazier too
You needed in me, I needed in you

‘Cause in the madness there is a perfection
Where do you end, where do I begin?
You were my broken imperfect reflection
The kiss on my skin

And I know, that if we are
Shut out of paradise, for all it was
It was never for you and I
Heaven is here in the wreckage
All that is broken, but all that is true
I know I found it in my love for you

Let me love you as you are
Let me love you as you are
It’s not a cruel trick of the heart
A cruel trick of the heart

Shut Out of Paradise