You used to…

Remember when it was me
That held you high when you lonely
The guy you call when you’re down
Remember when it was only
Me, You want on the line
The one I trusted to know me
The one I can’t tell a lie
And if I keep it repeating

Maybe I believe I’m fine
Maybe I believe I’m alright
Maybe I believe I’m fine
Maybe I believe I’m alright
Maybe I believe I’m fine
Maybe I believe I’m alright
Maybe I believe I’m fine
Maybe I believe I’m alright
Right right yeah


While the video of this song is strange and funny, the song itself is surely common ground for plenty to relate. 


End Credits



“And all we ever wanted
Was sunlight and honesty
Highlights to wanna repeat
Let’s get away from here and
Live like the movies do
I won’t mind when its over
At least I didn’t think for a while

So let’s run
Make a great escape
And I’ll be waiting outside for the getaway
It doesn’t matter who we are
We’ll keep running through the dark
And all we’ll ever need is another day
We can slow down cause tomorrow is a mile away
And live like shooting stars
‘Cause happy endings hardest to fake



What does it mean… to you?

Be still

Music can mirror or depend on one’s mood. Lot’s of people say that they can’t listen to music while in a flustered state. I firmly believe that most just don’t know the vibe for that mood in particular.

I’ve sort of been in a musical rut… 

…Unable to settle on one mood…so I end up repeating the same songs over and over. I’ll share a few:

The first is something that I have replayed countless times over the last 48 hours. Everything (music, sound/beat, choreography) is crafted well.


But the second video is from the first artist that I have been able to completely settle on in a while. Bibio’s often electronic sound, as well as his experimental nature is all that I need to fill my ever so fickle heart.

Life is Sweet

“This is my kind of ranty song about greedy people and this sort of ridiculous obsession some people seem to have these days with constantly wanting everything all the time. Sometimes it’s nice to sit and read and yawn and eat lemon drizzle you know?” – Billie Marten

In a life full of overkill,
Savor the taste of time well spent

The way it is

When I first started this blog, it was poorly executed…


…bounded by what was expected instead of being embraced by what is… passion. But that embrace would later come from within. All of this to say: this blog is now about the passion that it was meant for. I only want to attract those who can appreciate what it is to feel… 

…and I feel through the content that follows. 

“I know I’ve found it”

Lights out, trail blades the unsaid
Silently ricochets, don’t mean what we’re sayin’
But it hurts like we do
The blind faith, the hollow
Keep us aligned, they make us crazier too
You needed in me, I needed in you

‘Cause in the madness there is a perfection
Where do you end, where do I begin?
You were my broken imperfect reflection
The kiss on my skin

And I know, that if we are
Shut out of paradise, for all it was
It was never for you and I
Heaven is here in the wreckage
All that is broken, but all that is true
I know I found it in my love for you

Let me love you as you are
Let me love you as you are
It’s not a cruel trick of the heart
A cruel trick of the heart

Shut Out of Paradise

How did I get here?

Enough about me.

It could be after you wake up with your back on the floor and your feet on the couch after a long night of Jameson and the countless drinks your friends handed you. Or maybe you are just in an unpleasant situation. But we have all asked this question.

Here is a way to get your head out of the gutter on those days that don’t make sense:

I am always amazed by the conflicting emotions that I have when listening to a song by Odesza. One is telling me to relax and the other is telling me to dance. If you’ve never seen these guys live, you will want to add it to your schedule after this.



Thank you for taking the time to visit. I am very excited to be launching this blog again. I’d like to start with a fresh canvas and take you through a journey that I sincerely hope you will enjoy and share. Life is about love. One can find love in many things. And I focus on the subjects of such passion. This is our culture.

While you wait, here is one of my loves: Music.

-> Odesza is a talented duo who provides an escape with every beat.